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From speeding tickets to the most serious felony charges, the experienced Jacksonville Beach criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Jason K.S. Porter, P.A. will zealously defend you and your rights. Contact us as soon as you have been charged or if you believe you are the potential subject of a criminal investigation.

Miranda Rights

You have rights when you are arrested, and you should exercise them.

  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • You have the right to speak to an attorney.
  • You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning.
  • If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you.

Hiring a Defense Attorney vs. Working with a Public Defender

Public defenders often have heavy caseloads, which diminishes their ability to dive deeply into individual cases. Our Jacksonville Beach criminal defense attorneys pore over every detail of your case to provide you with a targeted defense strategy.

Serving Clients in Ponte Vedra Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach

Criminal defense is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Financial Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Weapons Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Probation Violations
  • Traffic Offenses
  • And more

Criminal charges of any degree require skillful representation. Our defense lawyers have the needed experience to negotiate with prosecutors and litigate at trial.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor

Misdemeanors in Florida include shoplifting, vandalism, driving with a suspended license, disorderly conduct, and battery. Depending on the degree of the offense, sentences can include jail, fines, and probation. The more serious felony charges can result in fines as high as $500,000 and prison sentences up to life. Florida also has a death penalty (capital cases).

Stages of a Criminal Case

Have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney from The Law Offices of Jason K.S. Porter, P.A. through each stage of your case.

  • Booking
  • First Court Appearance
  • Arraignment
  • Formal Charges
  • Preliminary Hearing
  • Plea Bargaining or Dismissal
  • Criminal Trial
  • Acquittal or Sentencing

You can have our team begin to represent you at any time during the criminal court process. The sooner we are involved, the better we can build a strong defense and guide you through the stages. You may be tempted to explain your side to law enforcement after your arrest. Remember, Florida law allows officers to use deceptive tactics. Your best interests are preserved when you stay silent and acquire legal assistance.

Gathering facts, interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, and researching case precedents are important aspects of our work to design a compelling defense and highlight holes in the prosecution’s case.

Why Choose Our Jacksonville Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Approximately 100 Years of Collective Experience
  • Three Former Prosecutors
  • 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating
  • AV Preeminent™ Rating from Martindale-Hubbell® for Ethics & Skill
  • Highly Respected in the Legal Community

On Your Side

The criminal justice system is complex. Each case is unique. Being charged or investigated for criminal activity is stressful. Our lawyers do not offer cookie-cutter defenses. Each strategy is designed specifically for you and your case.

Criminal convictions can forever change your life, your relationships, and your ability to find work. We understand that your freedom and future may be at stake. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, do not navigate the process unprepared. Let our dedicated criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville Beach protect your rights and fight aggressively for the best possible outcome in your case.

Call (904) 701-0591 today to schedule a consultation with a Jacksonville Beach criminal defense attorney.

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