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Different Types of Evidence in Personal Injury Disputes

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Recently, we wrote about the different types of evidence that are used in Florida DUI cases. Today, we're continuing that trend by covering the different types of evidence that are often used in personal injury disputes, so that you know what to expect from your case.

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Police Reports

Police reports are among the most important types of evidence presented in personal injury cases. When officers are called to the scene of an accident, they typically have to thoroughly document the scene with a police report.

Generally, this includes the officer's opinion on the case - what they found at the scene, what they believed the evidence present indicated, etc. It may also include photographs from the scene, which can help the court understand what led up to the accident (for example, tire burnout marks can help show that a driver in an auto accident was driving erratically).

Medical Records

Since officers aren't always called onto the scene of a crime, medical reports are often the most crucial aspect of personal injury cases. They tend to include a wide range of information, including:

  • What treatment the injured party received, including medical and surgical reports;
  • The doctor or surgeon's notes about the treatment, as well as their opinion on the injured party's ability to recover and the severity of the injury;
  • Medical information such as blood test and X-ray results, MRI results, medical photographs, prescriptions prescribed to treat the injury, etc.;
  • Notes from a psychologist, if the injured party visited one, detailing the psychological impact of the injury.

Eyewitness Statements & Personal Photographs

Frequently, injured parties and their attorneys will also prepare their own evidence to present to the court. This often includes photographs of the injury and recovery, as well as any eyewitness statements about the accident the parties were able to collect.

Income Documentation

Parties often request compensation for lost income as part of personal injury disputes. As a result, records documenting the injured party's income previous to the injury, as well as information from the injured party's employer detailing how much income they lost, are often used as evidence in personal injury cases.

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