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What Types of Evidence Are Considered in DUI Cases?

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Many people often wonder: What types of evidence can be used against alleged offenders in DUI cases? Today, we're taking a look at the most common types of evidence that show up in DUI cases in Florida.

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Police Reports

As part of DUI cases, officers are typically required to submit police reports about the incident. However, police reports tend to be entirely subjective, and simply contain the officer's reasoning for pulling an individual over and subsequently arresting them for a DUI.

Police reports can often be compared with more objective evidence - such as dashcam recordings and bodycams - to evaluate whether personal biases played into an officer's decision to arrest someone for DUI. As such, they're often an important piece of evidence for attorneys defending clients against DUI charges.

Field Sobriety Tests

In many DUI cases, officers ask the alleged offender to take a field sobriety test, which then often informs whether they are charged with a DUI or arrested.

However, a number of other factors can play into how useful field sobriety tests are as evidence. For example, if a sobriety test is administered when weather conditions are poor, or there are other factors that could impact the alleged offender's performance while taking the test, criminal defense attorneys can also often leverage sobriety tests as useful evidence.

Chemical Tests

Chemical tests are perhaps the most definitive form of evidence. Chemical tests such as breathalyzers are often used to try and assure the court that an alleged offender did indeed commit a DUI. However, defense attorneys are sometimes able to challenge those assertions by stating that the chemical test in question was flawed or inaccurate.

Having an attorney who understands how to leverage different types of evidence to your advantage is crucial if you're accused of DUI and want to receive the best outcome in your case. Our DUI attorney can help you find the best path forward in your DUI dispute.

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