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What is Probation?

Given the fact that Florida’s inmate population is large and its jails and prisons face overcrowding, the criminal courts will lean toward probation as an alternative to incarceration whenever possible, but what is “probation” exactly? After a defendant is convicted of a crime, they may be placed on probation, a type of “supervised released.” The offender is allowed to stay in the community; however, they are closely supervised by a probation officer and they must adhere to strict conditions set by the court.

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Probation Conditions in Florida

While probation conditions vary widely from case-to-case, they often include:

  • Fines
  • Counseling
  • Incarceration
  • Community service
  • Victim restitution
  • Continued employment
  • Weapons restrictions
  • Submitting clean drug tests
  • Financial support for dependents
  • Restrictions on using drugs and alcohol
  • Regular reporting to probation officer
  • Restrictions on leaving the county or country
  • Restrictions on committing new crimes

If you’re placed on probation, it’s critical that you take your probation seriously. If you violate any of the terms of your probation, for example, if you visit a victim when you were told to stay away, or if you leave the state when you’re told not to, or if you fail to report to your probation officer as instructed, you will have to stand before a judge again. Ultimately, you can be sent to jail or prison if you violate any of the conditions of your probation.

Can You Violate Probation and Not Go to Jail?

If you violate your probation and it’s reported, you’ll likely have to stand before a judge to answer for what you did. If the probation violation did not involve committing a new crime, but instead violating a condition of probation (for example, you socialized with a known criminal when the judge prohibited you from doing so), you’ll have a probation revocation hearing, which you’re entitled to receive a notice about in writing. The written notice would outline the date, time, and reason for the probation revocation hearing.

A probation revocation hearing is not a trial. It happens in court, in front of a judge. Will you go to jail? Not necessarily. It is possible to violate your probation and not be incarcerated. The outcome depends on your criminal history, the nature of the violation, if this is your first violation, if you committed a new crime, and if you have a skilled probation violation attorney by your side.

The consequences of a probation violation may involve extending the probation term, additional community service hours, revocation of the probation and serving the full original sentence. However, if you’ve been arrested for a probation violation, our goal as your criminal defense team would be to help you avoid a revocation.

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