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A Look Back at Criminal Defense During 2020

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Criminal Defense

This past year was eventful for most people and industries, and criminal law was no exception. From how courts handled cases to the incidence rates of various crimes, criminal law saw many changes and trends in 2020, and we're here to take a look back and reflect at the year in review.

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Courts Moved out of the Courtroom

One of the most significant changes to both family law and criminal defense was the prevalence of online court proceedings during 2020. With social distancing measures in place, courts began to use video conferencing applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to hold hearings.

Don't expect more accessible courts to go away anytime soon. It's a development that makes it easier for civilians to attend hearings, and can also help courts streamline courtroom procedures.

COVID-19-Related Offenses were New Territory

With the COVID-19 pandemic came unique questions for criminal defense prosecutors and the justice system at large, such as what charges were appropriate for individuals who attempted to knowingly spread the disease or threaten others with doing so.

From assault charges onward, the criminal defense community at large had to answer new and distinctive questions about the process of holding people accountable for spreading a dangerous disease.

Domestic Violence Increased

Unfortunately, it appears that time cooped up at home and economic instability also made incidents of intimate partner violence spike worldwide. Many law enforcement agencies and domestic violence attorneys found themselves scrambling to find ways to combat an increasing caseload and help survivors/victims get the help they deserved.

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