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Tips for Co-Parenting Activities This Summer

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Summertime can present co-parents with unique challenges when it comes to scheduling decisions concerning vacations, extracurricular activities, childcare, and more. In today's blog, we're exploring ideas that could help you handle child custody with less stress this summer.

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Consider Alternating Extracurriculars

Many parents take advantage of summer as an opportunity for their child to attend summer camps or take part in extracurriculars they can't partake in during the school year. For many parents, it's also an opportunity to introduce their child to their favorite hobby.

Consider working with your parent to alternate summer camps. Work with them to come up with camps you feel would benefit your child and you think would help them as a parent. If both parents get equal say in the process of choosing summer activities, both will likely be happier in the long run.

Talk About Childcare Frequently

Many parents put their children in childcare during the summer since they can't rely on their child's school to care for them during the workday. Obviously, it's important for parents to be on the same page when it comes to where their child goes for daycare.

However, you should also monitor your childcare arrangement consistently throughout the summer. If the childcare facility you chose isn't working well, maybe it's time to consider another suggestion you glossed over or speak with a family member who can care for your child. Staying up to date with the quality of care your child receives enables you to make the best decisions for them.

Start Planning Winter & Fall Vacations Now

As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to start planning vacations around six months in advance if possible. This not only allows you to get the best deal on expenses such as flights but also helps the non-vacationing parent adjust their schedule and a way to make up for the lost time with their child.

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