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Safety Reminder: As more drivers return to the road, remember these three safety tips.

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During the past five months, mobility across the U.S has declined significantly. However, daily commuting and car travel are picking up again.

In fact, some reports anticipate an even greater increase in personal vehicle use as vehicle travel becomes more appealing than flying or taking public transportation.

Remember these three tips to stay safe:

  1. DON’T TEXT & DRIVE. Many drivers mistakenly assume it’s safer to text if there are fewer cars on the road. However, any distraction can result in speeding, which is a preeminent contributor to almost all catastrophic collisions.
  2. PLAN YOUR ROUTE. Whether it’s down the street or across the country, if you plan to drive, know where you’re going. And don’t assume it will take less time to get there—reports indicate traffic patterns are returning to normal levels.
  3. SLOW DOWN. Controlling vehicle speed can prevent crashes happening and can reduce the impact when they do occur, lessening the severity of injuries sustained by accident victims.

Follow these simple tips to stay safe on the road, and be sure to share them with friends and family!