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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Car Drivers

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What Can Drivers Do to Share the Road More Safely?

Check out these safety tips for drivers:

  1. Be cautious when turning left. Left turns are a particularly common crash configuration due to blind spots. According to a 2019 study by the Federal Highway Administration, visual obstructions were present in 22% of multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles. Always make a visual check when turning left (or right!), merging, or switching lanes.
  2. Pay attention! From the same study, other driver’s lack of attention or distraction contributed to motorcycle crash causation in 43% of cases.
  3. Give motorcycles more space, not less. Motorcycles are more sensitive to changes in road condition, and they handle differently than other vehicles. Never tailgate a motorcycle—your car needs time to react!
  4. Always use turn signals. Regardless of whether motorcycles are on the road or not, always use your turn signals to help others on the road anticipate your next move.
  5. Turn the volume down. When driving with the volume up, drivers lose the advantage of being able to hear what's going on outside of the vehicle.
By following these simple tips, you can increase your awareness of motorcyclists and improve the safety of all drivers on the road.