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Stay Focused Behind the Wheel During the Holidays

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Distracted Driver

Don’t let the holidays distract you from safe driving

Distracted driving, which includes many kinds of activities that take a drivers’ attention from the road, results in thousands of preventable fatalities every year. And busy holiday schedules make it harder to keep focused.

In fact, some holiday shoppers hunt for deals—even when they’re behind the wheel! In one study, 39% of respondents reported shopping on their mobile device while driving.

Crowded store parking lots and holiday traffic have also been shown to increase road rage, a mental distraction that often evokes unsafe driving behavior.

It’s easy to avoid distraction (and frustration!) if you plan ahead. Follow these simple tips to improve your focus behind the wheel:

  • Keep the phone out of reach—if you have to, put it in the glove box or center console to make it harder to get to. Text messages and other notifications can wait until you get to your destination.
  • Give yourself more time—don’t be in a hurry if you need to go out. Plan for extra time to manage holiday traffic and/or weather-related issues.
  • Avoid eating behind the wheel—rushing around during the holidays can sometimes mean meals to go. If you have to eat in the car, find a place to park and take a break to eat.
  • Plan your route—knowing where you’re going and which route to take before you start driving can help you avoid traffic congestion and unnecessary frustration.
  • Never drink and drive—every year, during the holidays, hundreds of fatal drunk driving crashes are reported. Never ever drink and drive.

Enjoy the holiday season with less frustration! Follow these simple reminders to stay focused behind the wheel.

From everyone at The Law Offices of Jason K.S. Porter, P.A., we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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