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There is much at stake after a DUI arrest. A conviction can mean a suspended license, heavy fines and even imprisonment. The outcome of your case rests heavily on the attorney that you choose to represent you in your case. For this reason, choose an attorney from Jason Porter Law.

As our client, you can expect the following:

  • 90+ years of combined legal experience
  • Representation from a top rated DUI, criminal defense, and personal injury lawyer
  • Step-by-step legal guidance for any matter, regardless of the obstacles
  • Personalized legal solutions

Over the years, the Jacksonville DUI lawyers at our firm have developed skilled tactics that can serve to benefit anyone's case. Also unique to the firm is that we have three former DUI prosecutors on staff. As such, these attorneys are able to see a case from all angles, and effectively fight back against your accusations. If you or a loved one were recently arrested for a DUI, make sure you choose a firm that you can trust. That firm is Jason Porter Law.

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DUI defense is a very unique branch of criminal defense. You not only need a skilled attorney after being arrested, you need an attorney that knows DUI laws and tactics and knows them well. This is where our experience as former DUI prosecutors comes into play. DUI prosecuting attorneys are trained to see the case from a completely different perspective.

Now acting as DUI defense attorneys, our firm is able to anticipate the attacks and evidence that will likely be brought forth and combat them head-on. As DUI lawyers, we are extremely knowledgeable of defense tactics that have been proven time and time again. We are proud to say that we are consistently successful in getting our clients the best results possible.

What a Florida DUI Conviction Can Mean

Penalties that can result from a DUI conviction are detailed in the Florida Statutes, § 316. These crimes fall under Chapter 316 of the statutes detailing State Uniform Traffic Control. In its most basic definition, driving under the influence is when an individual is operating a motor vehicle with a tested blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent. There are, of course, numerous other factors involved in each arrest that could drastically change the DUI charges and possible penalties.

Consider the following penalties from Florida Statutes § 316.193:

[DUI is punishable] by a fine of: A. Not less than $500 or more than $1,000 for a first conviction. B. Not less than $1,000 or more than $2,000 for a second conviction; and 2. By imprisonment for: A. Not more than 6 months for a first conviction. B. Not more than 9 months for a second conviction.

Even those who have never been arrested for a DUI before could face up to six months in jail for a first conviction. There are also many aggravating factors which could increase your penalties such as having a child in the vehicle at the time of the incident or a BAC over .15 percent. The penalties you will be facing are not only criminal, but administrative. This means that you will face possible license suspension, which is decided with the Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles ( DHSMV). You may also be facing DUI school, ignition interlock installation and community service.

Let our former DUI prosecutors handle your case!

If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence in the Jacksonville, Florida area, do not hesitate to contact an attorney from Jason K.S. Porter, P.A. Our firm works tirelessly for its clients so that they can get their charges dismissed or significantly reduced. Florida has one of the highest DUI arrest rates in the entire nation. The state takes these offenses extremely seriously, which is why it would be to your benefit to choose our firm. With more than 90 years of combined experience and former DUI prosecutors on our side, trust us to fight for your rights.

For a free evaluation of your case, please contact a Jacksonville DUI attorney from Jason K.S. Porter today!

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