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The state of Florida is home to an avid population of recreational boaters who enjoy the lakes and oceans of Florida on a regular occasion. Recreational boating is one of the major pastimes for retired citizens and families alike and the weather is almost always compatible. In order to promote safety of these boaters, Florida law enforcement has gone to great lengths to remind citizens that they have a responsibility to drink responsibly while in control of a moving vehicle, especially boats.

While the law states that an officer of the law must have a reasonable cause to pull over a motor vehicle, the same does not apply to a boat. State boating officials can pull stop and board a boat simply to check a boat's registration or to conduct a safety investigation. This means that you may receive a boating under the influence citation even if you are not demonstrating impairment.

An officer can insist upon a field sobriety test once he or she is aboard your boat. The laws dictating the officer's actions put boaters at a higher risk for receiving BUI citations even though the standards for determining intoxication are the same. For this reason, it is important to contact a Jacksonville DUI lawyer from our firm immediately after you have received a BUI. There are many defenses that an attorney can employ on your behalf, but it is important to start your defense case early.

Hiring a Jacksonville BUI Lawyer

Florida currently leads the nation in boating fatalities. One of the main contributors to these fatalities is accidents caused by boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, drivers are unaware of how being on the water can amplify the intoxicating effects of alcohol or drugs. Water distractions such a sea sickness, drastic weather conditions and more can all interfere with a driver's ability to operate his or her boat in a safe manner. If you have been charged with a BUI, you need to be aware of the consequences that you will face if convicted.

The following are some of the penalties associated with a BUI:

  • Fine of $500 for first-time offenders;
  • Up to six months in jail for first-time offenders; and
  • Mandatory boating safety course approved by the state

These penalties only worsen as the number of violations increases. If a BUI involves bodily injury, the presence of a minor or a fatality, the consequences may include prison time. Don't risk your future freedom; contact a talented Jacksonville BUI lawyer who you can trust. With over 90 years of combined legal experience, our legal team knows what it will take to clear your charges of boating under the influence.

We will fight tirelessly on your behalf both in and out of the courtroom, so call our Jacksonville DUI attorney today.

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